Do schools fulfill their roles when it comes to science education?

Schools are the primary source of education. It is the place where we all spent our earliest years, learning about the world and how it works. One of the things students dreads the most are the science and math classes. Not only are these classes difficult, they require students as well as teachers to put in substantial effort to understand and convey the topics being discussed. According to the demands of today’s college educational workforce, schools seem ill-equipped to provide students tools to excel in the field of science and engineering. Before investigating the root cause, it is important to acknowledge the struggles schools have to go through so their students are provided the best education they could hope for.

 Why science and engineering?


In the next few years, science and engineering will play a vital role in shaping the world as we know. In fact, many of today’s innovations are a result of rapid advancement of this field, with nifty gadgets such as smart phones, healthcare innovations like gluco meters and so much more being a result of rapid growth of science and engineering fields.

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Is teaching science different from other subjects?


It may be argued that if the quality of education is suffering when it comes to science, our education system may be lacking in all other fields as well, making science no great exception to the general state of affairs. But science is a subject requiring a different approach from the students: to stimulate their own thinking, and to learn by doing. This hands-on approach is extremely important for stimulating learning and can be applied through involving students in a science project, in which they design experiments to test a given hypothesis.


How can teachers improve science learning?


Aside from applying the experimental approach, teachers need to realize that this subject needs to be taught with a slightly different approach. This involves engaging students in a manner that helps them see what they are learning to be directly applied to the world around them. This will compel students to realize that they are not learning something completely alien; just it explains how the world works around them. For this, it is important to train teachers the right way so they are able to teach effectively.


The final verdict


Science may be a challenging subject to tackle, but with dedication and the right approach, it can be turned in to the most stimulating subject for the students.


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