Do You Need to Upgrade Your Web Browser

What makes a web browser great? There are a few factors to consider. Cold start, for example, is the time any web browser takes to launch for the first time after turing on a computer. This time is pretty high for Firefox, especially if there are a lot of add-ons installed. We all would want shirt cold-start time.

Secondly, how well the websites are loading in the browser. Most of the websites are optimised for some versions of the browsers. For example, the old Netscape browser will fail to load any of the modern websites. The websites are all responsive nowadays and IE11 is fully equipped to handle the responsive websites of web 2.0.

Thirdly, what is the load time of these websites? Any good browser will asynchronously fetch the data from the server and adjust them locally. IE11 handles this beautifully. Asynchronous data loading not only makes the website apparently load faster but actually the website is usable even before it is fully loaded.

Finally, the security features. Coming from Windows, the operating system is native to this browser which means this browser is the best integrated browser for Windows. Secondly, coming from Microsoft itself, the security is awesome, the glitches are patched quickly and the security holes are swiftly attended to.

Considering all of these, it is high time that you consider an upgrade from IE8 to IE11, if you have not already. APPtechnology is ready to provide this service to all organisations with a quick turnaround time and complete authority.



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