Earn money from home through Google Ads!

You are a housewife, a retired person  or  a student? You have basic knowledge of computer, have a pc at home and have knowledge to spread and last but not least you want to earn some hansom income by working part time! If you have the answer as yes, then this article is for you for sure . please read on..


Google Ads – Way to earn

Google have a very good Ad service called Google ad words and provide business’s opportunity to promote their business by giving Ad on content websites of people. Google provide this service on pay per click basis ie  if people click on your Ad or buy your products or services by clicking on those Ad then you need to pay. But Google also provide opposite of it! mean if you show those ads on your website then Google pay you when users of your website clicks on those ad and buy product or services. So here I am providing way to earn by showing ads on your personal blog or website.

What you need?

For this you just need to create a personal website or blog. Blog could be created on other blog websites. You need some good capability to write about anything knowledgeable and interesting and last  some time to promote or share your website. If you have capability and skill for these you can earn for sure. Even if you don’t have some of them then you can have consultancy services for that particular thing. Like if you can not create website then take help of any web development professional or consultancy. And if you don’t have skill to promote website then could take support from any SEO professionals or SEO Company to promote your blog or website.

How to go ahead?

Once you have website/blog, good content on it and a good number of users you can go ahead with Google AdSense. Just go to http://www.google.com/adsense/ and register your website. Once approved you will get code to put into your website. Google will review and activated it. After activation Ads will be showing on your website. And your users if interested will be clicking on these and you will be making money!


Things to remember

  • You should never click on your own on your web ads.
  • There should be very quality and interesting content on your website or blog.
  • You should not pilgrims of content from other resources. Your content should be unique on your website.
  • You should promote your website or blog ethically and should not use black hat techniques of SEO.

So this is all about earning through Google ads and AdSense. Happy earning :)






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