Education for All Still Remains a Dream for Indian Children

In the year 2000, when UNESCO had set global goals of education, not many educational experts would have thought that by the year 2015, India will be among the top nations positively inching towards this target. Internationally, just one third of the countries could achieve all the measureable Education goals set in 2000.

But in the same period India has drastically reduced it’s out of school children by over 90%. As per the UNESCO report, by the end of 2015, India was the only nation in South and West Asia to have an equal ratio of girls to boys in both primary and secondary education.

Despite this encouraging sign, the overall data of child education speaks loud and clear that there is a huge population of children for whom education still remains a distant dream. The largest number in this section fall those children who are either forced to spend their lives on road side or in orphanages.

There is multiple child NGOs in India which are doing exceptional job to improve the primary education level in the country. Their main concern is the destitute and deprived children who hardly reach to the gates of school without any external support.

Education NGO in India alone can’t fulfill this goal. Let’s all join hands and make donation for child education in India. Decisions taken collectively and pursued with a single minded devotion may transform into a reality.

Encourage all to sponsor a child in India. Until deprived children are brought into the mainstream they will remain a burden in the society and the broader objective of overall education will never be fulfilled.

Don’t delay now. Take it as mission to see the entire India changing on the education landscape.



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