Engineering – Not only a Degree – But a Responsibility

After our 10th Std. the biggest question that arises in our mind that which subject we should opt and what are the scopes of different fields? Each and every field has its own scope but the versatility offered by Engineering is just beyond expectations. For getting an engineering degree, the first and foremost step starts in the class 11th only, where you prepare really very hard to get into your dream engineering college. Now comes the second step that is the branch selection.

Actually engineering is further divided into many branches of it, which are: Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and many subparts including Agriculture best engineering college in haryana and certain specialized courses such as Mechatronics Engineering (specialization in robotics). Engineering is wide spread each branch has it’s own importance.

Talking about each branch mentioned above, we will start our journey with the CSE, the most wanted branch these days.

1. CSE (Computer Science Engineering):  As the technology has advanced, especially in the virtual world, everyone is keen to understand the base of this world which is laid in this branch, with specialization in dealing with these virtual world problems.

2. Mechanical Engineering: Known as the versatile branch of engineering Mechanical Engineering has a special place in engineering. Mechanical Engineers deal with the daily life problems which we face daily in the real world, like problems related to automobiles, or designing of automobiles all of these things comes under the dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

3. Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering is again a very important branch of engineering. Electrical Engineers deals with the problems related with the application of electricity, and electromagnetism.

4. Civil Engineering: The Civil Engineers are those experts who design our houses, flyovers buildings, and with their technical skills they firstly make the basic model of your house on a paper and then make a perfect architecture of any type of building.

The specialization course basically elevates your level a little up amongst your fellow mates. Like for example in Mechatronics Engineering, most of the concepts of Mechanical Engineering are applied with a little advancement with specialization in the robotics field.

While getting into engineering everyone aspires the highest packages, jobs in Google or Microsoft. But that is not the only thing an engineer does. Engineering is said to be the toughest course that is taught with the highest number of assignments to be solved which makes an engineer deal with each and every pressure of the life, and to think in a very positive manner in the tough situations in life. For the rest an engineer is always free to apply for the govt. jobs because govt. also needs engineers, because of the efficiency and proficiency in their work field.

Apart from the work engineering is a study of science, to which the world is dependent, so being an engineer gives you a responsibility, gives you a task to help the world with your engineering skills, and try and work for the betterment of the world.



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