Eternity Wedding Band to Make Your Love Eternal!

An eternity ring is the most romantic gift for your spouse. Eternity wedding band is made of gold or platinum. Eternity bands can be simple or with diamonds studded all-round the ring. An eternity ring is well-known mainly for a wedding but now eternity rings are also gifted as anniversary gifts and on other special occasions.

Traditionally eternity ring was with a single diamond studded in it; later new design emerged with three stones indicating the past, present and future. Currently, new models have developed with diamonds studded in line throughout the band. Both men and women use eternity wedding bands.

History of the eternity wedding band

As per Old Egyptian history around 2000 to 1800 BC, a circle symbolized eternity, and according to them, marriage was a strong bond which cannot even be affected by death. Since then the eternity ring symbolized the holy bond of marriage. Even at old Egyptian tomb skeletons had an eternity ring still on their fourth finger. It is named as eternity as this ring is in the form of a circle which has no end, it is continuous. This ring is the symbol of eternal love.

These eternity rings are given on special occasions. Be it wedding season, valentine’s day, anniversary, the eternity band symbolizes the eternal love for your partner. Now eternity band is made more attractive by making it stone studded all around. The stone and gems which are used in an eternity band are precious gems or diamonds. Diamond studded band were best to display your love. Diamonds stand for devotion and loyalty. The eternity band is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as that finger is considered as the love vein finger. But today, as per style statement nowadays people are wearing this eternity band on any finger as per their choice.

Traditionally eternity rings are worn by ladies only, but even men can wear this. Generations use this eternity ring as an heirloom piece. Family hand over the same ring to their grandchildren as a symbol of eternity love.

To buy an eternity wedding ring, it is very necessary to know the best fit for you and to get the best ring, you need to start the search as early as possible. Nowadays even eternity bands are available online; you can have a look at the full range of eternity wedding band to get the best one for you!



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