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When it comes to monogram wedding cake toppers, these are said to be the fast growing trends to sit atop the cake. Those people who are actually keen to get a monogram atop the wedding cake, you will certainly be able to get plenty of choices of monograms from several creative ideas to the final appearance. These toppers also became a top priority to keep sake memento right along with the wedding dress since it is certainly a large part of the center piece.

You need to consider wide array of choices especially when thinking about a perfect monogram topper and also it generally depends on where you are buying from. There are mainly three elements you need to keep in your mind, these are materials, styles and finish and letter combinations. These are actually two font styles that are meant to be favoured by a large number of couples. There are many formal couples who actually prefer to choose the calling scripts that you usually see on some wedding invitations. These are generally selected by many couples who are going to traditional sorts of weddings.

While those of highly modern contemporary couples generally tend to be in favour of some highly creative fonts. There are quite often straightforward fonts that actually sit on some cursive bases that can actually lead you to be a but highly creative and also leave the groom the chance to add a splash of masculinity to the cake. Material and finish are also very important elements. Besides, the common basic elegant option that’s generally sought after is a silver or metallic appearance.

But, there are some highly decorative options at hand. There are numbers of couples found that decorating their cakes monograms with those of Swarovski crystals that can add a quite elegant and also fancy touch to an otherwise basic cake. For most of the people, this is just highly expensive an option so the choice to decorate their monograms with those of some edible flowers and also several other decorative items.

Apart from this, the letter combinations are third most important factor to take into account when you are planning your new monogram topper. This element is something that could be quite challenging though the most funny part of picking out your monogram. Moreover, the bride and groom need to decide in terms of what they would prefer to a top their wedding cake, there are no set of rule or tradition as to what you can have a top your monogram cake toppers. Though some of common choices among many couples tend to be their initials or important dates.



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