Factors Responsible to Slow Down Performance of Your PC

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Your PC is likely to slow down due to the absence of proper routine checkup and maintenance. You have to ensure few of the important aspects in your PC and you are rest assured with smooth performance of your system. So, beware of these issues that can slow down the performance of your PC.

Corrupt Windows Registry

In any Windows system, Windows Registry plays a very important role. It is basically the central database which stores information of all the components attached to the system. If registry is corrupt or down, it can cause several troubles like slow performance. So, Windows registry should be in working state and intact all the time. In order to repair registry, it is recommended to run a free computer cleaner program in order to deal with all the invalid entries.

Virus, Malware or Spyware

It is one of the most common causes of slow PC and several other problems. Infection is one of the most significant reasons in your PC and it can create slow computer issues. There are different kinds of infections like spyware or virus program. They can easily destroy the mechanism of the computer. So, it is better to use latest anti-spyware and antivirus programs. It is important to ensure that you don’t open or visit any unsafe or suspicious site.

Hardware Issues

Hardware also plays a vital role in the performance of your PC. Without a best hardware configuration, you cannot get a smooth-running and healthy computer system. On the other side, if you have installed any broken, poor or incompatible hardware, it can cause slow PC and other issues.

Outdated Antivirus Program

Antivirus is always important for your system to keep it safe and secure from all the Trojans and viruses. If the antivirus program is old or not updated, it causes problems related to performance. So, it is important to use only up-to-date and latest antivirus program so they can easily remove the infection and consume less CPU usage.

It is also important to defrag your hard disk drive on regular basis. If hard drive is fragmented badly, it may take longer time to search for fragmented data. It can slow down your PC.


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