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Your phone was stolen or you forgot where you kept it! It is very weird situation and you find yourself helpless in such situation. I am giving here some steps where you can find your phone using Google account. Even you are not able to find your device, at least you can secure your data to access by the person who stolen it. It is possible only if you configured a Google account on your device. So here are the steps –

  1. First thing you need to do when you buy a new phone is, register your Google Gmail account on your new device. Once registered, your phone device will be registered on Google account.
  2. First step when you can not find your phone is – From any computer, login on your Google/Gmail account. On rightmost corner you will see your account icon. Explore it and click on “My Account” button.
  3. You will be redirected to your account options page on url. Here find a section named “Find Your Phone”. Click on “Get Started” link.
  4. On next page you will see an option “Select your phone or tablet” and a list of your mobile devices registered with that Google account. Click on the device you want to find or secure.   Find your phone 1
  5. Now you will find several step to secure or locate your phone .Find your phone 2
  •  In “Ring or locate your phone” you will see two options. First rings your phone in full volume even if it is in mute mode. by this option you can find your device if you misplaced it at home or office and also if somebody hidden it near you. By second option you can locate you phone using map. It will show you on Google map, where it was last located.
  • By “Lock your phone” option you can lock your phone by giving a new password.
  • By “Sign out on your phone” option you can logout your Gmail account on your phone so that someone can not access your emails or other Google data.
  • You can use “Reach out to your carrier” option to contact your service provider to lock sim, redirecting your calls to a new number and save your identity to escape any forge.
  • Last option you can try is “Erase your phone”. this will try to erase all data from your device but may not successful with memory card erase. This works only if your phone is online.

These is very good option provided by Google and very few people know it. Use this free service and stay safe.  Please give your suggestions/comments at .


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