Five Benefits of Outsourcing Staff Augmentation

The process of Staff Augmentation could be very exhausting if not planned well. Staff augmentation is an incessant process in the medium to large level enterprises. These days, more often, this process is outsourced to the service providers, who are capable of meeting all your staffing needs and work like just an extended arm of your recruiting team.


Below is a gist of how staff Augmentation service providers can prove to be beneficial for you and carry out the process in a seamless fashion. Offshore and onsite, both these categories fall under staff augmentation and can be outsourced to the outsourcing firms.

Time & Cost saving: – Staff augmentation is a good source of cutting on cost, as here you pay only as per your requirement without compromising on the skilled professionals. Sometimes, there is a short term need of staff on a project; you can conveniently get an offshore resource without getting into standard hiring process, further enabling you to focus on work without involving your team into hiring process and training the new resource.

Exposure to skilled professionals: - Staff augmentation service providers excel in experienced resources and efficient in meeting all your needs, which might not be possible, when you do it in-house. This serves as a bigger advantage, especially when you need professionals for short term projects and for the projects that are going to begin really soon.

No Delays: - Staff augmentation Services ensure that there is no delay in providing you with resources. Timely availability of staff becomes crucial when you are running short of time and project date is close. These service providers take care of applications and all other to-dos in the process leaving you relaxed on this front.

Advantage of Offshore staff: - Staff augmentation services assist in getting highly skilled offshore staff at a lesser cost. Hiring offshore staff helps you cut time on training these professionals, as these are already trained and are updated with latest technologies in the industry.

Saves office space: – One key advantage coming with offshore staff augmentation is that you can expand your team, can meet all project requirements and can still stick to the deadlines without actually worrying about the office space. You need not to bother about the need of more work stations and relevant additions; rather you can simply welcome the new member in the team for projects.

It is always advised to do some background research and check the client list of staff augmentation consulting firms that you have shortlisted. This research helps in analyzing the skill specialization of the service provider along with the time they are going to take in making the resource available.  It is quintessential that the staff augmentation firm is well versed with the industry and is dexterous in differentiating the prerequisite, objectives and other mandates. There are many projects for which you need onsite staff and for many offshore.  For this you can get in touch with your staff augmentation services providing firm, to take clarity and to further analyse the necessity. This clarity in advance will enable you to be more confident of the decision and to make your process altogether smoother.



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