Five Different Wedding Bands for Women

Buying wedding bands for women is not an easy task for their men, isn’t it? Getting to know your loved one is just one part of the challenge, if you want to give your lady love, the perfect wedding band, you will also need to know her choices.

There are many options when it comes to choosing wedding bands are women. Some are good while others may be too good. At the end of it all, any wedding band that rightly defines your expression of love is a great choice!

Don’t fall for what others say, you have to understand your partner’s preference and accordingly make the best choice. However, we will of course introduce you to the different options in each category.

The big rock: An all-time favorite when it comes to choosing wedding bands for women is the big rock. There is nothing classier and more impressive than a stylishly designed diamond. However, the big rock is straightforward. Forget the metal in which the diamond is set, it’s the size of the stone that grabs the eye! Warning, this category demands a big budget.

The tear drop: Also known as the pear shape diamond, wedding rings with this shape of the stone will be an ideal choice for those who prefer subtlety and sophistication. It looks pretty and there are various color choices as well in this category.

Micro pave wedding bands: For those who want their lady to shine, the micro pave wedding band is a great choice. The sheer brilliance of the tiny diamonds is sure to make your lady love glow with happiness. Here again, you can find plenty of options and so there is always something to suit all types of budgets.

The twisted tale: If you are game for a design with details, try the twisted wedding band option. This one looks best in contrasting metal choices. As for the diamond in this category, a decent size square shape diamond looks brilliant in this set up.

The crystal cut: This is also a common choice for wedding bands, the crystal cut. It looks like a crystal and the brilliant design ensures that it shines like one. Since you are free to choose the size of the stone that best meets your requirement, the budget can also be altered to suit your needs.

Above all, remember to make your lady love try the ring before you actually buy it. This will help you ensure that you choose the right size.



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