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In recent times acting is much more than just working in movies. With the increase in production and so many TV channels mushrooming every day, the amount of acting jobs have increased exponentially. The kind of opportunities available to actors range from TV serials to commercials to theatre productions. A lot of opportunities are available as extras in Films and TV. While acting jobs are concentrated in productions hubs like Mumbai and Hyderabad, companies are hiring talent from across the country. Compensation is good and at times requires travelling for shoots to remote and foreign locations. Acting is a demanding job and requires high level of professionalism to meet the expectations of directors and producers.

On emotional level too, acting jobs can be tiring. Actors often have to go through multiple rehearsals and have to retake over and over to get the act right. Rejection is quite common in the industry and a lot of new actors have to face the failure. Although there is no formal training required to become an actor and acting is considered a natural talent, it helps to have a degree or certification in acting or drama from a reputed institute. National School of Drama in New Delhi and Film and Television Institute of India are some of the leading institutes for training in acting. Acting jobs are usually for short-term and actors have to constantly look for new projects to keep them employed. Established actors and the new actors with some experience in the industry find it easy to get a good flow of assignments.

In terms of skills, acting requires dedication, good verbal abilities, expressive personality, perseverance, physical stamina and ability to portray a character with conviction. Though it’s not necessary, having a talent manager or agent can make an actor’s life much easier. Agents perform crucial business activities like identifying opportunities, sending out portfolio and negotiating contracts with the production company. Most of the good agents have connections with the casting directors and they can more easily connect talents with the regular acting jobs.

Actors should also consider maintain an online portfolio which is a fast and convenient way of sharing your details and applying for the acting jobs. The online portfolio must contain recent and professional photographs, audition videos, clips of the professional work, relevant experience, education and contact details.

Acting is a rewarding career, full of excitement opportunities, exposure and experiences. For those with a passion for stage, there can’t be a better life.

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