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Proper legal aid can intervene in all areas of private and professional life, but we find the main areas which are: real estate, labor law and divorce.

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Real Estate and Property Disputes
In real estate matters, disputes are numerous. In order to act in case of disputes in the field of real estate, it may be important to have recourse to legal advice in real estate, in the person of a lawyer.

Real Estate Legal Advice: for whom?
The real estate Legal advice is open to both natural persons and legal entities and real estate professionals. Generally, law considers an individual is a human person, so that a corporation is a legal entity such as corporations, foundations, government, associations declared. Thus, real estate can benefit from legal advice, owners and tenants, the estate agencies or condominium corporations.

Real Estate Legal Advice: for what?
Real estate legal counsel will allow you to pay your property disputes, at:

• Sale/Purchase: non-compliance of the deed, hidden defects of the property
• Rent: relationships between landlord and tenant, unpaid rent and expenses, non-compliance of the lease
• Condominiums: failure to comply with building regulations, problems with the condominium association
• The Neighborhood: abnormal disorders neighborhood adjoining problems
• The Planning Law: improper planning, non-compliance with planning rules

Real Estate Legal Advice: How?
Whatever type of legal help that you get (legal insurance or legal aid) contacts a professional Legal Consultants that guides you in your efforts. To benefit from the real estate advisor’s legal advice, you will be at the onset of the dispute whatsoever. The expert will give you the necessary advice for the resolution of property disputes amicably.
This solution is the fastest and simplest. But if it fails, you can try a lawsuit within 36 months of the onset of the dispute. It is therefore important to ensure that the amicable phase does not exceed that period. The legal process can be long and expensive, some insurance therefore offer legal assistance with support for legal costs.

Legal advice
If you are looking for legal advice or you have a complicated property issue and do not know how to fix it or even how to start your defense. Then there are several possibilities for you, but be aware to contact the best Legal Consultant to choose the right model of litigation.

Before Calling
Gather your documents and facts before you call. To receive faster support, have on hand a written summary of your dispute in family law. If you want to change an order or agreement, you must have a copy of the document to be discussed during the consultation with the lawyer.



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