Girl child education needs urgent attention

Around the world, education is counted as the most important element of social progress. Even in India several campaigns and programs are run by the private and government aided agencies to improve the standard of education.

In india, education has been made free for children of 6-14 years of age group under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009. Despite this India has the highest number of illiterates in the world.

The standard of women’s education is far more pathetic in comparison to their male counterparts. The situation became alarming as the girls education still remains a neglected subject in the most part of the country.

More than 50% girls in the age group of 5-9 years are still illiterate. If you take out the average, women in India receive 1.8 years of schooling only. Dropout percentage of girls studying in class III to V is almost 60%. If in India; the enrollment of girls in secondary schools increases even by 1%, it may have huge impact on the overall GDP of the country.

There are several reasons that have led to this situation such as low level of awareness, social stigma, pathetic infrastructure, patriarchal social norms, and concerns of parents over safety of girls. The distance of schools and the mode of transportation also impacts girls’ education standard.

The deep rooted anomalies need to be addressed urgently otherwise the situation may not change even in distant future. Agencies working for the betterment of girls’ situation in society must address these barriers.

Slight improvement in girl child education level may influence society positively and that will have progressive impact on several other issues. NGOs working for girl child education need to reassess the entire situation and strategies their plans to get better results.

Girl child education in India needs huge charity otherwise only with government’s efforts fruitful

results may not be attained. On multiple platforms these issues are discussed, but no proper planning and execution is seen while implementing the result oriented actionable decisions.

It’s high-time. You all need to think about your roles in the society to bring necessary reforms and to improve girls’ overall situation in general and education level in particular. Girls’ education charity needs massive support from all quarters especially from the corporate world which pays hefty amount on advertisement.

To offer your supreme contribution in nation building, sponsor a girl child and see the difference it brings to the society.



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