Gold and diamond: The pillars of India’s gems & jewelry sector

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One of the fastest growing sectors in India is the gems & jewelry sector, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP.  Dedicated craftsmanship and cost effective practices followed in the cutting and polishing of precious diamonds and in the designing of exquisite jewelry have made this sector the first choice of your entrepreneurs.

From the economic perspective of India, this sector is the second largest contributor to India’s profit from export. With more organized players entering as gold and diamond jewelry manufacturers in India, the market size of this sector is not just growing in number but also in terms of approach.

Cost-effective Diamond processing in India

When it comes to diamond cutting and processing, the world looks up to India. Diamond traders in Surat and other parts of India are into the business for generations and by now, they have mastered this art. With cheap labor and cost-effective methodology, India has become the hub from where the world can get finished diamonds.

Gold or its alloy: The demand never goes down

With the evolution of technology, jewelry designing has now taken a leap from a simple craft to a complex art. Gold is predominantly used in traditional jewelry manufacturing owing to its high investment value and the feeling of legacy attached to it. In combination with other metals, which enhance its strength and hardness, gold has been able to retain its charm since ages. The most commonly used alloys for gold jewelry are gold-palladium-silver and gold-nickel-copper-zinc. Gold jewelry in different carats has not only been the best friend of women, but even investors look forward to it.

With more than 25 lakh jewelry retailers in India, it is the largest marketplace for jewelry in the world. Skilled labor along with cost-effective manufacturing and designing has helped India in meeting the demand of buyers all over the world till now. As the technology advanced, it aided this sector in taking significant steps towards matching up to the ever-increasing demand of gold and diamond jewelry. was founded on 7th July 2015, registered under the company name “Myheera Infoline India Pvt.Ltd.” for sole purpose of consolidating world’s largest GEMS AND JEWELLERY INDUSTRY, known to be traditional and highly fragmented, by bringing them under one roof of online platform for complete business solutions.



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