Tips for a Google AdSense approved website

If you have a website or a blog having good content and huge traffic. You want to earn handsome amount of money by using this websites than you could be interested in AdSense. Google provide handsome amount for showing ads of its ad word partners on your website. It seems easy to have AdSense on a website but actually its not. Google is very strict in its policy about this. Google actually wants to provide a quality platform to its advertisers that’s why it does not approve AdSense for a website easily. Google is very concerned about content, quality and user base of the website.

Here I am giving some quick tips for AdSense approval -adsense approved website

  • Website or blog should have good content in term of quality and user interest. Users on your website should come on their own for some interesting information, news or reading not just from some fake sources or clicks.
  • Website should have unique content and no pilgrims. You should not copy the contents from other websites or resources and also you should take care if somebody copied your content. In case you should complain and get those removed.
  • Site should have  good number of organic user traffic. Traffic should not from direct links or social media etc. Google treat its search traffic very well.
  • Owner should not click on Google ads on his website.
  • Your website should have a proper privacy policy statement page on your website.
  • Your website or blog should have contact details in proper way, Google treat a website in bad way if it does not have owner information.
  • Your website should not just a link website but It should have good informative contents.


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