Gurgaon Throws Multiple Options For Investment In Real Estate For NRIs

Why Gurgaon, ‘The Millennium City’ has become a buzzword for all the stakeholders of the realty sector? Coming out of the shadows of being just a neighbor of the capital city Delhi, how Gurgaon earned its own name on the landscape of Indian realty sector? How even for NRIs Gurgaon remains in top priority whenever, the matter of investing come before them.

The one fact that answers all the questions is: Gurgaon belongs to those top cities of India that produces the highest per capita income in India. Being situated at Golden Quadrilateral, offers another advantage to the city. A decade back no one would have imagined that within such a short period the city will major commercial and residential complexes, soaring skyscrapers, posh residential colonies and bustling commercial complexes.

With brisk pace top educational institutions and hospitals like Medanta, Fortis got their footprint here, making it a must live city for all high end consumers. With rich and class entertainment centers such as Ambience Mall, Cyber Hub, and Kingdom of dreams etc. the city has become an all-encompassing location.

Just like other newer cities and satellite towns, Gurgaon too faces severe crisis as far local transportation, availability of water and power is concerned. These problems do affect the lives of common man but people of high income group and people associated with commercial issues in Gurgaon haven’t faced such hardships.

But the state government is working on it. And several improvements have been noticed in comparison to the old situation prevailed here. New Gurgaon is quite different from the old one and most of the basic amenities are available for the common men. The biggest challenge of the state officials would be to make these facilities homogenously available in the entire Gurgaon.

Several ready residences have been offered to people in new Gurgaon and many more projects are expected to get completed in future and that may provide residential facilities to few thousands more families in this area. Top builders of India are operating in Gurgaon and they have been delivering accommodation at the promised date. These are almost risk free investment options for NRIs also.

In coming days, more foreign funds is expected to pour in this area and if with accelerated pace, the development in this area continues, more NRI investment will come to invest in Real estate.

Commercial Properties on NH8 has also registered brisk pace and considering the overall situation of real estate in New Gurgaon, it can be safely presumed that NRIs can’t find a better destination to investment than what is available in New Gurgaon.

To book profit on your investment, buy properties in Gurgaon.

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