Health benefits of Avacado (Butter fruit)

The avocado is a green color fruit that is native to South Central Mexico. This is classified as a member of the flowering plant family Lauraceae. In India Avocado also refer to the butter fruit or ‘Makhaan’ fruit. In some country people know it as Tree fruit.

avacado green

This is known as super food. It is very high in fat  and energy. So  this is high in nutrition value. Avacado contains carotenoids which contains antioxidants. These help to protect from eye deceases.

avacado image

Avacado are very good for skin and hairs. You can use avacado to prepare a hair mask. This helps in long strong and silky hairs. Use it once in a week to protect your hair from greying & hair fall.

avacado tree image

Avacado is very rich in fiber so it is helpful in loosing weight. It contains soluble and insoluble both type of fiber. Both these fibers help in maintains carbohydrate which keeps you full for long. Finally it keep your diet control and help in loosing weight.

Conclusion is Avacado is useful, tasty and nutrient. You can use it in preparing lot of dishes. Its juice is also very tasty, that’s why it is called super fruit.





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