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Are you looking for a perfect destination in Japan to visit? Well, your search ends on none other than Hokkaido evolved as a widely recognised tourist destination tantalizing the senses of a large number of tourists from all over the world. The city has been representing a great wilderness with a large number of well-known national parks. For majority of visitors, it offers a large number of tourist spots and attractions.

The city of Hokkaido is by far the country’s biggest prefecture, consisting of Japan’s entire northern island and also surrounding islets. This place is generally cooler than the rest of the country and also the merciful lack of the country’s muggy summer and also various rainy seasons that make it a highly popular and tourist-friendly season especially in between May and August. Besides, some of the Hokkaido’s inland areas also have a continental climate with yearly temperature variation and also large daily.

The city is basically the most northern region in Japan. It is also considered to be the coldest place in Japan where temperature generally gets very cold. It is a culturally rich destination in the country. The city accommodates only 5% of total population, but the total land mass of the city generally covers approximately 20% of Japan. Therefore, the city has the most dispersed population across the country.

With the dispersing population in the city of Hokkaido, there is certainly a large number of various hidden places to hokkaido tours. Here are some great options to travel in the city.

Daisetsuzan National Park – It is said to be the one of the largest national parks in the country. Here, you can easily find a lot of hiking trails and also several hidden hot springs. It is also highly beautiful with some of its season forests and also abundant wildlife. The scenery here is highly pristine and picturesque, you may think that you are in heaven.

Noboribetsu Onsen – When it comes to onsen, it is generally a natural hot spring where it is naturally warmed by the earth. It is considered to be a highly magical place that you can easily soothe your aching muscles and also joints. It is a must visit place and also should never be missed out.

Ski slopes of Niseko – If you are looking for a perfect place to ski, then Niseko can definitely catch your attention. You can get highly mesmerizing snow in Japan that creates an outstanding scenery.



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