How ICT system integrators are working in India?

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In the recent years it has been observed that Information and Communication Technology merge at several points to assist an organization in its day to day operations. Understanding the ever expanding need of several organizations, thousands of companies are offering consultancy services across India.

These companies are ready to successfully manage and perform projects of all sizes. And this is their real challenge, because various project sizes require different kinds of expertise. From the integration of a Voice Over IP (VOIP) system into the current environment, to the development of a large-scale, multi-user, collaborative system, IT consulting services needs to be ready for all of them.

Apart from providing technical services, ICT system integrators in India are also helping in developing IT and Telecom strategies that are largely based on consumer needs and organizational overall budget.

Planning and Architecture

To provide any kind of technical service, it is essential to do a comprehensive analysis of the organizations’ operating environment. While doing this, a service provider company assesses and evaluates the IT and Telecom environments along with the internal business process, which is mostly based on ICT infrastructure.

After understanding the specific situation holistically, ICT architecture is drafted to optimize efficiency and maximize return on investment (ROI).  ROI is always kept in top priority.  But the same ROI becomes of critical concern when an organization has expensive ICT-related assets and it has not delivered ROI as desired.

Experienced program managers know it well that technology integration program of varying magnitudes should be handled efficiently. And for that service oriented architecture principles are so followed that the technology infrastructure is effectively and successfully put into place.

Integrated Communications Strategies

It is important to integrate the organizations’ overall communication systems with other technologies being utilized by it. Only then the organization actually benefits from it. Most of the companies have their own web platforms and when it is aligned with telecommunications systems, it delivers its weight in gold.

Business Case Preparation

If you pick any ICT system Integrator in India, it tries to quantify the possible ROI of an organization either by defining the existing ICT system architecture or by introducing a new one. To understand the ICT business cases it is imperative to understand the technological operating environment and also comprehend properly the business factors that are affected by ICT systems.

IT consulting services in India and other consultancy services in India are working closely with the organization heads to deliver the best possible solution to achieve the overall organization goals.



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