How to ace your modelling auditions

If you dream about becoming a successful model, endorsing various brands with your perfect face and beautiful looks then you really have to work hard to grab the best opportunity. Modelling is not something that will fall on your lap automatically, there is a procedure that you have to follow and modelling auditions are the first step towards your dream.

People who take these modelling auditions seriously tend to put in extra efforts to leave no stone unturned, however there are other people also who take this initial process so lightly that they even don’t know how to present themselves before the casting directors.

The first ever step to master modelling auditions is to know about modelling as there are so many types of modelling including, high fashion, print and editorial modelling. You have to choose your options wisely to be at top of your game in that field.

Depending upon your interest and experience, choose your field in modelling wisely. Research on anything and everything about your field as this will help you in knowing your profession well and you can easily decide what type of modelling profession you can go for.

After selecting the type of modelling, prepare your portfolio. Go for basic portfolio book containing your 10-15 photographs. Remember, your portfolio shows your skills, it will work as your identity on basis of which you will be judged, so it should be containing all your best photographs and details about your previous assignments.

List out studios and casting directors who organize modelling auditions related to your field of interest in modelling. Contact these agents to know if there are some auditions going on where you can apply and also about the procedure if there is any. There is an option for open auditions also, which are held on daily basis.

Know well in advance the place, timings, requirements and assignments before going for modelling auditions to skip the last minute hassle. Practice well before you give your best shot. If you are going for a high fashion modelling, you should be knowing how models strut their stuffs and showcase them. Practice in front of mirror at home so you should not look nervous during auditions.

Another important factor that plays a huge role is your health and beauty. You should pay attention towards your diet and daily beauty regime to have flawless skin, fit and healthy body.

While going for modelling auditions, try to dress simple. Your casting director will see you and get impress by your skills not by your dressing sense. Stick to a simple dress code that includes – jeans, T-Shirt and sneakers unless you are going for high fashion modelling auditions. If your audition is for high fashion modelling then you can wear heels.

Being punctual plays a huge role in one’s career and if you are going for modelling auditions then you have to be before time. Being punctual will not only create a positive image but will also help you in grabbing best modelling offers as many auditions tend to be walk-in and if you arrive early, there might be chances that the casting agent will select you as in the end they are also tired and frustrated by flipping over numerous portfolios.

Be confident while giving the auditions. Try to make more eye contact with the casting directors and if offered then shake hands like a professional without feeling nervous. Show the right attitude to the casting crew and try to avoid making irrelevant conversations with them.

Remember to smile, like always. No matter how your audition goes, just carry that beautiful smile on your face. During auditions, the crew members or the casting agents observe each and everything about the candidate including his/her personality, the way he/she talks or he/she behaves. Through this, they judge the candidate to know if they will be able work with them for long term or not. So how you interact, matters a lot.

While giving auditions, carry your own style with confidence as you see that many famous models have their own unique style which they carry while presenting themselves, so be original. As they say, high achievement always take place in the framework of high expectations, so don’t lose hope and just prepare yourself for the best and look out for more opportunities.

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