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Special moments are worth to be treasured. Just like a wedding ceremony which may happen once in a lifetime should be planned every single detail of it. It has to portray how much you valued your relationship. That’s the very purpose of a photo booth. It has to convey the happy moments during your special day so that you can have the ideal wedding of your life. Here are some simple tips on how to achieve an ideal wedding through your photo booth.

Keep in touch with the expert

Having the best photo booth comes with the best person also. Hiring a photo booth butler or attendant is the best way to achieved it. They will manage all the things needed during the wedding and so as entertaining the guests during their pictorials. They are the one to ensure that the event will run smoothly.

Make an attractive photo booth

Your photo booth will be the center of attraction if it has the best design. Of course, it has something to do with the photo booth butler as well. He has to come up with the unique designs and attractive wedding themes or motif that will be fitted for the event.

Make an album

An album may be placed in your photo booth so that the guests can freely put their photos on it. You can also make some twists like putting out scissors so that they can cut out some pictures and write a message on it. This will also the best way for them to think of an artistic way of treasuring your moments together.

Put some entertainment

Considering some ways of entertainment are also needed in a photo booth. You can consider hiring a photo booth that makes print out of cartoon or anime character that may entertain the children or a mascot for the picture taking. This will surely leave a wonderful memories to them.

Encourage “groupie” shots

Encourage your guest to have their group shots. There is always a saying, “The more, the merrier.” Let them have their photo shots on the photo booth with you and your partner. They will be happier if they were included in your pictures and share their moments with the newlywed.

 Make it more artistic

Providing your guests with some props can also add color to the event. Wearing hats and eyeglasses will come up to more artistic scenery during your pictorials. It is good also to have these props as their souvenir.

Plan for your time advantage

Consider the best time for you to set up your photo booth. Mostly of photo booth planners and designers are to be paid according to how long the photo booth will be used.  With this, you should have to time it right. The common for the people is to hire them for the whole day so that they can capture every moment of the occasion but you can consider having it during dinner only since it is the great time for photo shoots and acquire best moments with your family and guests.

Always have a backup

Provide a soft copy of your pictures by storing it in a computer or flash drives so that you always have a backup photos once the printed out pictures faded. You can also attach pictures on your souvenir cards. These pictures can also be used for a wonderful video presentation.

Experience it by yourself

Make sure that you should have to use the photo booth and experience it with your partner. Spend your quality time on it. Though you are busy socializing and entertaining your guests, a short time with your partner and having pictorials on it will give you a good bonding together.


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