How to be an expert software developer

Are you a software engineering student, a fresh graduate completed B.Tech, BE or MCA in computer science or information technology, a fresher job seeker or a software trainee joined some company or a professional training institute? If answer is yes then you must have faced a question or we can say a challenge!  And that is how to code software, how to became a fine software developer or how to get into programming and logic of software engineering.

Motive behind the question

This is always a tough question and maximum of software programmer face this issue at the start of their career. This bug of software coding and challenge of start coding with logic bites everybody at some stage. This question arises because no one could be expert at the start of using some technology and no one can build his logic in day. Software programming needs logic and technical skills which a software engineer could only get by practice and training.

So the necessary to became a good software developer and a super coder are lot of but I am mentioning few of them here –

  •         Talent -One think is talent which comes into person by born and it could not be getting from the market. So we have to go with the talent we have. But we can refine our other necessity to fulfill the gap of talent.
  •         Study – a software engineer or a computer science student need to study continuously even if he got a job. Because getting a job in software field does not mean you are through. Real challenge is get a job and fulfill the requirement of job. And to fulfill the job requirements you need to learn new technologies, you need to study and read books, you need to upgrade yourself, and you need to build your programming logic.
  •          Technical Training – You always should ready for a technical training whether you are a student or fresher because a professional training can only improve your technical skills and your ability to adopt technologies. You will have a adopt latest technologies and learn new skills if you are a software developer or want to make your career in software development field.
  • Try Hard - You will have to try hard for developing your technical skill, learning new skill or develop logic of coding. You will have to code in extra hours; you need to get some type of technical training if you find a gap between your technical knowledge and your work requirement. You can have this training from your company or an external source like a professional training institute providing training.

So finally I can say to become a great software developer you need to work hard, get trainings, and last but not least – don’t lose, keep trying. Good luck!


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