How To Buy Safety Shoes Online

In work environments like industries and factories, which are more prone to accidents and injury resulting from falling or flying objects, safety shoes are very essential. They provide optimal protection owing to their thick materials and sturdy build. They can prevent against injuries resulting from sharp objects, absorption of certain elements, heavy objects that could fall on the shoes or extreme temperatures. Before you by safety shoes online, there are certain safety shoe norms you must be aware of.

Workplace Safety Standards for shoes

Injuries in the workplace can be a cause of worry for both the employee and the employer. Hence ISO prescribes a safety standard the ISO 45001 or the Occupational Health and Safety Management System Requirements for minimizing workplace risks and promoting safer work environments. The guidelines of this standard pertaining to protection of the feet are:

  • SB: Protection of the toe must be tested to 200 Joules and the sole must be oil resistant
  • SBP: Mid-sole must be penetration resistant
  • S1: the heel area must be fully enclosed with anti-static and energy absorbing properties
  • S2: Same as S2 along with the fact that Mid sole must be resistant to water penetration and absorbent
  • S3: Same as S2, Plus Mid sole must be penetration resistant with a cleated outsole offering protection to the toe against 200 Joules. The  construction of the shoes must be in rubber or polymer
  • S4: Shoes must be waterproof with an absorbent heel area.
  • S5: Like S4, plus with the guideline for the mid sole to be penetration resistant and have a cleated outsole.

At SMEshop you can but the top quality safety shoes online. We have all kinds of safety shoes suited for different kinds of work environments. If you are not sure what kind of shoes would fit your need, here is a guide to help you make the choice.

Buy Safety Shoes online according to your work environment

  • Construction Industry: When you work in this industry, your shoes must be made of an upper lining of nubuck leather and is water resistant. They must have good energy absorbing properties and heat resistant outsole that can also keep away fuel oils.
  • Chemical Industry: The work environment in chemical plants is prone to liquid spills and hence the shoes must be able to offer proofing against liquids as well as harmful dusts and high temperatures.
  • Power Industry: Here you will need shoes that are Light in weight and have a sole that is resistant to shocks.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Given the dynamic nature of this industry, the shoes must essentially be slip resistant and oil resistant as well. The heels must have good landing and should be able to distribute pressure over a larger area.




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