How to crack the UPSC Exam?

Cracking UPSC Civil Service Exam in General Studies is not that tricky as you might think. A good base in general knowledge and conventional topics is required to crack this exam. And most importantly, the right approach regarding how to do your preparation is extremely crucial.

So, preparation of UPSC general studies exam books consists of two parts:

  • General knowledge and current affairs
  • Conventional topics

Note, that preference should be given to the first part as this job needs employees who are well-aware of the things happening around in the world. As far as your exam is concerned, the major portion of it depends on the general knowledge base, including the personal interview round.

Before we tell you about UPSC General Studies Books, let’s mention the basic approach you need to follow for the preparation of your exam:

  • The basic approach to prepare is ‘STUDY-REVISE-IMPROVISE’. Our website will help you in doing this by making the needed resources available all the time.
  • Prepare notes as you read. This is important for the revision part because it’s impossible to study all the text books again during revision. Remember, the notes should include all the necessary details regarding the specific topics.
  • Refer to the past papers and cover all the topics mentioned in those papers. All the papers are available here with us.
  • Prepare for the mains i.e. subjective papers and then make describe notes for the preliminary examination.

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  • General Knowledge & Current Affairs: To prepare this part, you need to get your hands-on newspapers as well as current affairs magazines. Go for newspapers that have less of unwanted news and a balanced perspective of all the topics and while reading a newspaper, go in depth. Alternatively, use our current affairs App to keep yourself updated about the happenings around the world.
  • Conventional Topics: These topics include five subjects:
  • History: Study the Indian history especially the National Movement (1800s-1947) and beyond that. Pre-modern history should be considered only if you have extra time. You also need to study about the growth and the decline of the other Europeans, British Empire, and the development of India during the British rule (1650-1857). This entire syllabus is available with us as UPSC Civil Service Exam books.
  • Geography: We have the relevant text books containing Class 10 and 11 NCERT book syllabus and a lot of information about the Indian Constitution.
  • Economics: We have designed books containing all the basic terms used in Indian Economy, such as CRR, SLR, repo rate and so on.
  • Government policies & programmes: We provide books containing all major policies and recent Nobel winning technologies programmes of Indian government.
  • Science & Technology: Our books contain the detailed text on emerging technologies as well as the recent Nobel Prize winning subjects.


You can depend solely on our books as they are so well-designed and covers the detailed broad perspective of the syllabus provided.

UPSC Civil Service Exam Books and UPSC General Studies Exam Books are extremely crucial to crack any UPSC civil exam in General Studies. Made with the best possible effort, these books are designed using the past UPSC exam papers. Through these books, you will not only cover all the topics asked in the examination, but will also become familiar of the pattern/format of the exam.

So, get your hands on these books and start studying them right away! We wish you all the best in your preparations………



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