How to Find Investors for Your Business

Whether you plan to launch a startup or expanding your small business, you may need investors to fund the business. Though a business loan looks like a good and easy option, seeking investors to fund your endeavor gives you more access to funds and you don’t have to worry about a repayment schedule.

However, investors look for something in return when funding your endeavor and you need to present your business idea in an attractive way to convince them. Here are some tips that will help you find investors for your business.

Create a Business Plan

Before investing in your business, investors need to see your business plan and how you plan to achieve realistic goals and financial stability. The business plan should include current financial state of business, the market position and plans for the future. Additionally, the business plan should also include how much fund you need and how you plan to repay it.

Decide the Type of Investors You Want

Investors can invest in business in many ways. Some are ready to put money in your business in exchange for part ownership while some want the share in the profits. These are two common ways of investment but there are others as well. Every investor is more likely to prefer a different investment structure. You need to decide which way of investment will work for your business.

Building an AngelList Profile

AngelList is a great way to know about investors and also letting them know about your business and the funding requirements. Create an AngelList profile and include specific info about your startup and business, product, team members. This will make it easy for investors to find and approach you.

Share your AngelList profile with your professional acquaintances and friends. When people follow your AngelList company profile, others following them will come to know about your company. You can check different funding websites and posts your funding requests where Angel Investors can find you. If the Angel Investors investment goals match your funding requests, they will contact you.

Search within Your Network

Investors receive a plethora of investment pitches and they generally respond to requests that are introduced by a common contact. Prepare a list of investors and go through it and see if you can find any mutual acquaintances. Before you ask any contact to speak to any investor, show him how good your company is.

The common contact between you and investor should introduce you to the investor confidently and feel that he is doing the right thing by introducing you and the investor.

Craft a Good Introduction

You need to be careful and selective when introducing your company to the investors. The investor should not get a feeling that you are sending cold emails to hundreds of potential investors. You need to craft an introduction that should generate interest in them.

As much as you want investors, they are also looking to for good companies to invest in. The courtship goes both ways and all you need to do is put yourself out there and generate attention.

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