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Google is officially divorcing Google+ profiles from its other, more popular services. YouTube, Gmail and Google+. By default, your Google account is connected to these sites with all the same sign in info. Today the company published a blog post announcing that over the next few months, “a Google Account will be all you’ll need to share content, communicate with contacts, create a YouTube channel and more, all across Google.” Don’t despair, there is a way around this issue. Here are some pointers on how you can delete these options from your Google account.  The decision comes several months after Google stopped forcing new users to create accounts under its social network, which has failed to become the Facebook and Twitter competitor Mountain View once hoped it would be. Google has also split successful Google+ features like Photos into stand-alone products, a strategy it says will continue.

  • Go to Google’s My Account-page and sign in using the login details of the Google account you want to update.
  • Click on Account preferences, then select Delete your account or services.
  • Under Delete your account or services, select the Delete products option.
  • Here, again, you will need to enter your account details so that you can access the Google services you want to delete.
  • Next, you will see the Delete a Google service page. All you need to do now is click on the trash can icon next to the options to delete the services you no longer want.

Before you hit delete, you do have the option of downloading your existing data. If you want to retain any of the documents or files you have saved in the Google services, you will need to do this before you delete. After that, you’re done. It really is as simple as that. Google+ will continue to exist for now, and you’ll still be able to use it if you want to. But for all of us who have no use, we’ll be able to abandon it entirely. YouTube will end its Google+ requirements then any remaining services to follow as Google+ goes gentle into that good night. As Google Plus slowly dies, your plain old Google Account will pick up some of the responsibilities your Google Plus account still had left, the main difference being that a Google Account does not have a public page and also it is not searchable; it’s basically just your email address. If user have any other queries then Gmail Customer Service Number.




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