How To Hack Any Wifi Network Password Using Cmd

Hi Guys, I am back with another amazing hacking tutorial. I hope you are learning well from my other posts. In this post I will be teaching you How to Hack a Wi-Fi password. The following post will teach you how to crack wifi passwords easily in minutes.

We strictly advise our readers to follow the tricks and tutorials presented at How to Hack at their own risk. We are sharing this knowledge for educational purpose only, well most of it! Blah Blah blah..

Phew! Done with the formalities, now let us start with the Wi-FI cracking. But before starting the tutorial let me give you a small introduction to what Wi-Fi hacking is and what are the security protocols associated with it.

In a secured wireless connected the data on internet is sent via encrypted packets. These packets are secured with network keys.

There are basically 2 types of security keys :

WEP( Wireless Encryption Protocol) : This is the most basic form of encryption. This has become an unsafe option as it is vulnerable and can be cracked with relative ease. Although this is the case many people still use this encryption.

WPA( Wi-FI Protected Access) : This is the most secure wireless encryption. Cracking of such network requires use of a wordlist with common passwords. This is sort of brute force attack. This is virtually uncrackable if the network is secured with a strong password

So lets begin the actual Wifi Hacking tutorial!

Sometimes you might be frustrated especially when your system detect a wifi network but you are restricted from accessing it due to users password, now i can teach you a simple trick to hack the password.

Step One

Go to command prompt, click start up menu on your system, click RUN, type CMD, and click ok to open the command prompt

Step Two

inside the command prompt, type the following

netsh wlan show networks
mode = bssid(it will show all the available wifi network, take note of the names)

Step Three

To connect to the wifi network, type the following

netsh wlan connect
name= (put the name of wifi your system detect)
e.g net wlan connect
name = (kinibigdeal pc)

Step Four

press enter to connect

Step Five

To disconnect it, type

netsh wlan disconnect

Step Six

To save it type : netsh wlan export profile name = kinibigdeal( not by name but change it to the name of the detected wifi)

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