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Microsoft’s shift towards a fast and modern web browser has ended up with an arrival of Internet Explorer 11. Focusing on improvements in security, performance, and privacy, the built-in browser of Windows OS has a separate version of its edition launched for ensuring seamless browsing who are still using Windows 7 product. The company is offering Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 as an important Windows update to ensure hassle-free installation and seamless interface walk-though. If you’re planning to upgrade from ie8 to ie11, then read the following tips to install Internet Explorer 11 via Windows Update:

Tips to Upgrade from IE8 to IE11

• Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update

• Click to check for the latest available updates.

• The list of Optional Updates appears.

• Select the ‘Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7’ option.

• Click ‘OK.’

• Click the ‘Install updates’ button to begin the installation process.

• After Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 update gets downloaded, the installation will start.

• The streamlined installation may take a few minutes to finish.

• Restart your computer to finish the whole process.

• After your PC restarts, the Internet Explorer 11 shortcut will appear in your Taskbar.

Coming with Accelerators, Web Slices, InPrivate privacy features, and SmartScreen phishing filter, the new browser by Microsoft is much advanced and has a constant focus on preventing your details and data from malicious authors. Download and install it now to access an array of security features that you’ve never seen before.



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