How to Prepare for Modelling Auditions

Modelling auditions can be stressful. As the time of audition comes close, it’s natural to be anxious and nervous. You know, you don’t have to actually! We bring you some tips to prepare well and face the modelling auditions with confidence and leave your mark.

Work on your appearance – Make sure you look healthy and well-groomed. Your attire and the way you carry yourself are very important but you should follow a routine that helps to maintain the health of skin and hair. There are few things you should be doing daily such as washing your face at least twice a day, exfoliate once every week, and remove makeup properly before hitting the sack.

Choose a modelling goal – Technically there are no rules, but it’s wise to choose a direction according to your body type. In order to increase your chances, you should be aware of your body type and go for suitable assignments. Following kind of modelling jobs are quite popular –

● Fashion Modelling
● Runway Modelling
● Glamour Modelling
● Magazine Modelling
● Billboard Modelling
● E-Commerce Modelling
● Catalogue Modelling
● Jewellery Modelling
● Showroom Modelling
● Swimsuit Modelling
● Bikini Modelling
● Lingerie Modelling
● Night Wear Modelling
● Lips Modelling
● Hair Modelling
● Hand Modelling
● Feet Modelling

Know your industry – Educate yourself about the industry by reading magazines, books, articles and Internet. Learn how the industry functions and how the business of modelling is conducted. You also get to know about important skills such as posing and ramp walk.

Be bold and confident – Your confidence and go-getter attitude matter a lot. Just sitting back and waiting to be noticed won’t be much helpful. You will have to actively promote yourself and look out for opportunities to rise and shine during modelling auditions.

Take your career seriously – The people who don’t take modelling as seriously as a real job are often unable to find much success in the industry. Usually modelling has a small window of opportunity and missing that may not be good for your career.

Use your creativity – Photo shoots require you to pose in different positions and also with different props. You should exercise your creativity and interact with your environment in innovative manners. You can use photographer’s cues but nothing stops you from adding your styles, emotion and attitude. Similarly, ramp walks and modelling auditions demand a suitable attitude according to the theme and context of the show.

Modelling auditions try to test your readiness for the industry so you have to make the judges believe that you have what it takes to be the next sensation.

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