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SEO guidelines

Google does not disclose how it applies logic to rank websites in search results. It also change it algorithms and rules time to time. it release new updates and add logic to renew its process for advertisers benefit. Google always try  to get  genuine clicks and views from users for Advertisers.  As per these updates Google provides guideline for websites to improve its quality and make itself Google or other search engines search friendly. Search engine optimizer  job is to analyses and improve site  as per these Google guidelines .

Here I am giving some basic tips to optimize a site for best results in Google search –

  • Put the best content on your website. Content should be pure, unique and interesting for user. It should be grammatically correct and using good and easy words.
  • Website should be validated and error free.
  • All the component of the site should be well placed. For example h1 h2 h3 tags, title tag, meta description. Google use title and meta description tags to get information about the website and its content so these tag should have same description whatever we have in page content. Also title and meta description should be very precise, unique and informative.
  • Sitemap should be uploaded in the root directory of the website.
  • Website speed should be optimized mean it should be fast enough to provide information and other activity.
  • Url of website should be well formatted and correct and also containing keywords related to our domain.
  • Website pages should have interlinked enough. To do this we create links of one page on other pages and vice verse.
  • Website url should contain keywords of information in your page. Url words should separate by dashes, but it should not contain other special character or underscores.
  • Add favicon to your site. It is a tiny icon with .ico extension show before site title. It need to put in root directory of your website. It could generate using any online tool like

There are lot of other things to consider while optimizing your website. Other way around is off paging optimization where we campaign for our site outside of website. We create good links of our website in the outer world of internet to provide it boost. These link called as back link I will write about that in a separate text. Here I have given quick tips for on page optimization mean website improvement for better search engine ranking.


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