How to self-publish a book?

The process of putting your thoughts on paper has always been an arduous exercise but it becomes nerve-wracking if you wish to get these written materials published as a book. It is really stressful. In this situation, self-publishing becomes an ideal option to avoid this complicated approach. It suits well if you wish to avoid running behind either publishers or publishing agents.

Before Bloomsbury accepted J.K. Rowling’s book to publish, she was rejected twelve times by the same publishing company despite having a winner of a manuscript with her. Now with Harry Potter series, Bloomsbury wrote a record breaking story in the history of book publishing. Since her first book turned out to be a sensation, J.K Rowling has become a household name and like her you too can dream to be a renowned book author despite not getting approvals from any established publishing houses to publish your book.

You are not the only one facing such situation. As a writer, sooner or later you need to accept this truth that you have to hold the bull by its horns while facing the situation head on. As a writer, you have only one option either to dump your entire manuscript in your trunk or to take up altogether a different option, a route which is less complicated and offers you the advantage of getting published easily. If you want to really get published, try self-publishing process.

The general impression is that a writer prefers this route because he feels no author will pick his book. But there are several writers who refuse to go behind any publishing house as self-publishing offers a lot of freedom and such writers want complete artistic control over their book. Some writers wish to give more weightage to self-publishing as it is relatively less costly.

Once you decide to self-publish your book, you continue to be involved in the entire process of publishing. Since a writer has to involve in the entire process of self-publishing, this process also becomes quite stressful. As a ‘would be author’ you need to face many obstacles, which ranges from publishing to marketing abook.

For releasing a hard copy of your book, you need to get your manuscript edited and proofread. You must pick an enticing and engaging title of the book. With self-publishing companies mushrooming around us, getting published in India is not tough now.

How to self-publish a book has got several suitable answers on online platforms as well. So don’t kill the author in you. Get ready with your manuscript, getting published in India is possible and that too at lower cost!



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