How to Sell your House at best possible price?

Sell house

You might be struggling to sell your family home. Either you want to relocate in a bigger house or you are migrating abroad. After several viewing, you haven’t received a reasonable offer. This situation clearly indicates that your property is lacking the kerb to hold potential buyers. If you are facing the same situation continue reading these simple tips to sell your house at best possible prices.

Make it presentable with staging
Staging involves all necessary repairs and renovation that are essential to make your house presentable for viewing. These include a fresh coat of paint, polishing tiles and rearranging furniture to create a perfect look. However, you should not over decorate and try to keep indoors simple and refreshed with neutral colours. Serious buyers are far more interested in checking the functionality of areas like kitchen and bathrooms. Pay extra attention to thoroughly clean these areas and use fresh fragrances to create a pleasant environment. Annoying smells can deter visitors. In addition to creating pleasant indoors remove all the clutter before viewing to make it spacious.

De-personalize your home
We all love decorating family photos, favourite portraits, trophies, shields and religious décor to please ourselves. When it comes to viewing to potential buyers, you should remove these items. As it will help buyers to think and visualise their own ideas to decorate this place. De-personalizing is necessary to convert it into an anonymous place, where anyone can imagine living. If you don’t remove such personal belongings, then buyers visiting will fail to develop illusion in their mind as they are living in the house.

Put some extra efforts to enhance the comfort
Temperature and air ventilation are the two important things required to create a comfortable indoors. Being a homeowner you must focus to keep the temperature moderate. Extremes of coldness and hotness should be controlled in all seasons. Indoor temperatures should remain comfortable in summer and winter. If you have pets try to keep them out during viewing, as pets will be annoying for buyers. However, talking about the upgrades you may have done to enhance comfort is a good idea. This can inspire potential buyers. When they come to know such information they become more interested in finalising the deal of property, which already possesses essential upgrades.

Talk about lifestyle amenities the neighbourhood possesses
No matter how much efforts you have made to improve the appearance and comfort level of your housing unit, you can still lose a potential buyer. Don’t ignore telling prospective buyers about lifestyle amenities the community is offering for its residents. No one imagines living in a well-constructed house in a location that doesn’t offer healthcare, retail, education and dining facilities for residents. Also, tell them about security and crime rate in the community. Discussing positive attributes about your area always help you to attract potential buyers.

Select reliable real estate agent
Once you have completed all necessary steps to make your house presentable and comfortable, hiring an authorised real estate agent is the next big step towards selling it successfully. Professional agents who are associated with any reputable property management firm can efficiently help you to find serious buyers that are willing to purchase your house. Don’t opt to work with freelance agents as there are lots of scams in the market offering a quick sale of your property.

Complete necessary documentation on time
As soon as you find a serious buyer for your house, and both parties have agreed to finalise the deal, you should not delay completing necessary documentation on a priority basis. Being a homeowner, you will need to produce purchase sales agreement, title deed, location maps and floor plans.

Fixing up exteriors to improve curb appeal
Although you have invested significant time, money and efforts to improve interiors; your property will fail to create a good impression in prospective buyer’s mind if you have just ignored exteriors of your house. Exteriors are equally important in creating the first impression in the buyer’s mind. Serious purchasers are very much interested to find the evidence of good property maintenance. Before you put a sign for sale, thoroughly examine the exteriors to find broken tiles on the walkways, leaking gutters and exterior walls. Don’t forget to clean the garden and repair broken fencing to keep enhance the curb.

Groom your personality
However, buyers are not coming to see you; still, you need to groom your personality. As you are the one who is dealing with them communicating with them at the end, you should give some attention on your attire, learn about the neighbourhood and make yourself aware of the latest trends of the property market. Be welcoming and control your anger even if you receive a negative feedback from a visitor during viewing.

Unless you are not sure spending money will definitely increase the profits, you should avoid spending. Carefully decide the renovation projects as kind of neighbourhood also plays a critical role in final pricing.



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