How to Set Up Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform?

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Managing cloud operations and hosting the content online can be quite difficult, but the entire process may get streamlined when you have step-by-step instructions listed for your instant assistance. Azure cloud computing services by Microsoft is one of the most popular cloud hosting platforms for business and enterprise users. If you’re new to this concept, then read the following sections to learn how to get your free trial set up in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Tips for Starting the Free Trial Sign-up Process on Azure Cloud Computing

• Navigate to Azure’s official website and click the mentioned link to start the trial sign-up process

• Click the free trial link to see the summary of the free trial offer and details

• Read the free trial description and its rules and constraints carefully

• If you feel comfortable, then click the green sign up now link up button

Step 2: Choosing a Windows Live ID Identity

• A Windows Live ID sign-in dialog appears

• Decide whether you wish to use an existing Windows Live ID or create a new one

• If you’re using an existing Windows Live ID, enter your username and password, and then click Sign In to proceed

• If you wish to create your Windows Live ID, then click the same and fill in the form with correct email address and password.

Step 3: Using the Credentials and Log-In the Portal

• Once you have all the login credentials handy, use them to sign into your Azure cloud computing account and start managing your projects and content hosting database.



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