How to Tie Pashmina to Make Impressive Style Statement?

Pashmina a type of wool obtained from the goat found in the high altitude regions is the most demanding fabric used for clothing. This is the soft and warm fashion accessory that has become the latest trend in the world of fashion. Whether it is a Pure Cashmere Pashmina Scarves, shawl or stole, this demanding fabric is always a versatile accessory. It becomes the most recognized fabric these days not only in India but other countries also as the must-have accessory in the wardrobe. It is actually the high quality fabric that can lasts for a long time offering wearer the alluring look.

Whether wearing a scarf, stole or other accessory in a day, evening or night occasion, a wearer always get the alluring look with the full comfort. This is stunningly soft, surprisingly durable, and comforting to all skin type of a human body. It is really a wonderful way to dress up for all the events whether going for the formal meeting, wedding function, exciting vacation tour, etc. You will look beautiful and feel quite great. The plus point of this fabric is that it is quite easy to clean and take care of.

How to wear the pashmina accessory?

A small piece of pashmina gives a transformed look making a person feels more glamorous and fashionable. It is the finest fabric that has always been in trend and never goes out of the fashion. Handloom Shawls Manufacturers of the country are designing the shawls that can be wear in multiple styles with a little bit of experimentation to make the dress look more classy.

Different ways to wear pashmina shawl and scarf:

  1. Classic knot

Tie the shawl around your neck ensuring two ends are aligned in the front part of the body and then tie them as shoelaces.

  1. French Knot

Fold the scarf in half and put it around the shoulders. Pull one loose end portion over and under the loop. Now take another end piece and put it under and over the loop as done previously.

  1. Casual knot

Wear a cloth as a normal knot around the neck to add the touch of elegance to daily-wear attire.

  1. Classic pull through

Fold the scarf in half and put it behind the neck ensuring both ends come to the front of the body. Drag the loose ends through loop.

  1. Twisted knot

Tie the shawl using a twisted knot to turn the shawl into apparently the long cloth neckline around the neck.

  1. Cozy neck wrap

Loop the long scarf twice around the neck and tie the ends in a half knot tucking them up under the loops.

  1. Series of knot that looks like a chain

Tie the shawl in a sequence of knots around the neck like a chain. Now you can wear in two different ways as you like i.e. either turn the pashmina shawl around and put the ends at back or leave the knots in the front.

These seven are just the few ways to wear pashmina scarf and shawl. Aside this, you can try many more ways to wrap it and gets the most eye-catching look on all kinds of outfit.



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