ICC World Cup – could be a “mauka mauka” again!

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India is through to the quarter final of ICC world cup 2015 and still to play matches. While our neighbor Pakistan is trying hard to reach there. We have seen the popular mauka mauka ad and the extreme craze of cricket in the league match of India and Pakistan. So can be the mauka mauka happen again. Can the fans of cricket can have the same craze again in Semi final!
Answer is yes! It could happen again in semi final. and here are the assumptions if correct then we can see another battle between these two countries –

Quarter Final 1: 18th March: Srilanka V Pakistan
Quarter Final 2: 19th March: India V England
Quarter Final 3: 20th March: Australia V South Africa
Quarter Final 4: 21st March: Newzealand V West indies

SF1: 24th March: Newzealand V South Africa
SF2: 26th March: India V Pakistan
Final: 29th March: India V Newzealand

This is just a probability and if happens then it will be great for cricket fans! So wait and watch and have fun :-)


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2 Responses

  1. Romulo says

    Pakistan Beat India by 5 Wickets. Saeed Ajmal, Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Imran Nazir & Muhammad Hafeez are on fire. Best wishes for Umer Akmal & Nasir Jamshed.InshaAllah Pakistan will won the world cup.I love PakistanKhailain gey wo or gateein gey humI condemn ICC on not giving appreciation to Saeed Ajmal for outclass performance in one day or T20 cricket but still he is on number 1 position in both categories.He is hero of Pakistan.Please appreciate him & give reward to right person.Thanks

  2. Jembei says

    What I like about Amla is that he is sooooo hulbme on and off the field, he is so devoted to his religion as well. A great role model, and he probably cared less than any of us about this award. Probably said Well done Kumar! Happy for you! with a smile, Amla’s that type of guy. But I feel for him.