Importance of Labs and Diagnostic Centers in Healthcare

Diagnostic labs are an important part of any medical procedure. From simple blood culture to complicated MRI’s, accuracy is of essence. Accurate results of the tests prescribed by a specialist doctor leads to the success of the treatment of the patient. Investigation for a disease is the first step towards the treatment of a disease and these investigations are done in the high Tech labs known as Pathology labs or Diagnostic centers. With increase in hospitals the numbers of these Labs and diagnostic centres have also increased in Delhi NCR. Thousands of samples have been collected daily and get processed in these labs to reach the final results.


Qualified Technicians and Doctors

Good pathology labs have highly qualified staff, which has qualification and expertise to conduct experiments and give away the results with high level of accuracy. These technicians are responsible of generally collecting the samples and applying procedures on them in order to find out the results in pathology labs. In case of Diagnostic centers generally doctors are there to conduct various scans like MRI or ultrasound.

Highly certified!

These labs need various accreditations and certification to run in the city for example NABL -ISO15189 is considered to be good accreditation. Also an ISO certified lab is also considered as a reliable one. In Delhi NCR many labs and diagnostic centers posses these certifications and hence are running successfully.

Top notch services!

These Labs and Diagnostic centers provide almost every kind of investigatory tests and procedures. From digital x rays to 4D ultrasound every latest technology is there to help doctors and patients find the exact cause of an illness. Various kinds of tests by taking samples of blood, urine or stool are performed to find out the rarest of the disease.

Hi tech instruments and machines!

With increase in the technology in the medical sectors, these pathology labs and diagnostic centers in Delhi NCR are well equipped with latest gadgets and machinery to predict exact cause of the disease. In medical field these labs and centers holds a very important position and helps the doctors to prescribe the right treatment to a patient.



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