Improved Steam Turbine Technology Promises More Power And Better Efficiency

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The need of power has always been at the forefront of industrial necessities to run the day to day activities and meet the overall objectives. Almost several decades back, when steam turbines were introduced as a power generation mechanism, it took no time to catch the fancy of the business community. With a fast pace, the system spread to all over the country.

Since the early days, steam turbine has been touted as a cost effective and energy efficient and so it got the necessary momentum in quick time. But from delivering the first steam turbine in India to the indigenization of many technologies and components used in this system, the consistent effort required to improve its efficiency and offer cutting edge solutions has always been a prime objective.

Innovating energy-efficient and fuel saving technologies to assist in producing maximum power with minimum resources inspired industry leaders to remain an innovation driven organization.

Steam turbines have always been perceived as the prime mover to convert heat energy of steam to mechanical energy. Over a long period of time this process has proved to be the  nearest to the ideal and so it is extensively used in power plants and in other industries where a substantial amount of power is needed to run the business processes.

Because of greater thermal efficiency and higher power-to-weight ratio, steam turbines are used in power generation. Since turbines produce rotary motion, it is particularly found appropriate to drive an electrical generator. As per a survey, steam turbines are used in almost 80% of all electricity generated across the world.

To upgrade the internal turbine efficiency comprehensive research has been done and several initiatives have been taken which includes the application of an advanced steam path stage. To apply this, exhaust loss is reduced with the assistance of long last stage blades. Moreover, it gets combined with improved steam turbine cycle efficiency with respect to critical pressure and double reheat cycle.

In the recent days advanced technologies have been adopted in the retrofits as well, which includes advanced steam path model, the latest final phase blade technology and a re-powering system with added gas turbine, etc. All these have immensely helped to improve the efficiency and reliability of the steam turbines.

The development in research and development and evolution of new technology is an ongoing process and only this can assist to offer robust, efficient and reliable solutions. Eminent experts with decades of domain knowledge in turbo machinery design and advanced simulation studies have been the backbone of the steam turbine industry and with their efforts several revolutionary changes will be witnessed in coming days as well.



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