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Here’s how you spend a day or two in Jurong, Singapore—one of the finest and power-packed regions of the city.

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Keep reading to find out about the fun filled activities that you shall do in Jurong:

Be a ghostbuster: This one isn’t for the faint of heart. Jalan Bahar is said to be haunted as it used to be a cemetery before. So if you are into the paranormal and want to check for yourself if the rumours hold true, why not pay a visit to the place?

Shop till you drop: A specialty of Singapore, you will never tire of shopping in Jurong. From streets lined with the best in fashion, accessories, electronics and more, to the recreation of Hong Kong’s streets in malls such as Jurong Point Mall, shopping here is an entirely different experience.

Jumping in the trampoline park: Time to be a child again! Unwind, de-stress and burn off those extra calories at the same time as you jump about silly at the AMPED Trampoline Park here. This place is best enjoyed with a group of friends as you can challenge each other to sillier tasks.

Take a Stroll in Jurong Eco-garden: A place of respite for working community within the business park.

Tuas Secret Beach: this comprises of clean, smooth sand and tranquil waters.. Picture your lone car cruising down long, winding roads, large fields that seem to be endless, and lands adorning every patch of green.




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