Technological Advancement in Jewelry Designing

The world is transforming with advancement in the field of technology, and the same is happening in the gems & jewelry industry. This tech-savvy generation is keen towards entering gems and jewelry sector with great scope of innovation in terms of design and production methodology. This creative sector has opened a gateway for young entrepreneurs to bring in innovations and creativity in this field using modern jewelry equipment’s and tools. Technological advancements, coupled with increased operating efficiency have propelled India into a position of cost leadership.

Computer aided designing

Today, with technological advancements, new software have been launched, such as Computer Aided Designing (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), that have taken jewelry designing to the next level. Giving rest to the traditional format, computer aided designs are the trend now. Thanks to technological advancements that have made the yesteryear’s tedious work simpler, with a faster and better approach. Designing software allows jewelry designers to create realistic images of jewelry with shadows and reflections. It also lets them experiment considerably and follow their imagination.

Another big advancement in jewelry making is the use of 3D printers, which enable manufacturers to print resin prototypes of the CAD model. Technological approach helps the creative designers in creating exquisite designs by making the best use of their creativity.

Laser sintering

Laser sintering is a jewellery manufacturing technique. Laser beams melt metal, like gold, platinum, or silver, layer by layer resulting in pieces of practically any shape, and with higher quality surface. These beams facilitate creation of unique jewelry designs. It also allows making intricate pieces that would be difficult when hand made. Presently in the initial state, this technology is all set to revolutionize jewelry manufacturing process in the future.

Antique is back in trend

With the increasing demand for antique jewelry today, new opportunities have opened up for the antique jewelry manufacturers in India. The use of modern equipment and tools has made it easy to recreate antique designs with excellent finish.

Thus, the jewelry world has now entered the tech-savvy zone with the aid of software and advanced tools & equipment. With buyers getting exposed to diverse global demands, it has become even more important to create innovative designs with the technological aid.



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