Kate Spade: Who is She?

Kate Spade was born in Kansas city in 1962. Her original name is Katherine Noel Brosnahan. She married Andy Spade and abbreviated her first name which is how the famous Kate Spade brand is born. In fact, the story behind the brand is that she decided to design her own range of sleep handbags which she had searched for years in vain. In 1993, she founded her own brand which became instantly popular. Before entering this business, she served as a senior editor at the Mademoiselle magazine for 5 years, from 1986 to 1991.

The brand comes with the tag-line of “utility, wit and playful sophistication” and not only handbags, the brand also produces shoes, stationery, perfume, home products and electronics items’ covers. In 2007, Liz Clairborne acquired the brand and that saw the union of a strong market presence and a new set of core values and designing patterns.

In personal life, Kate Spade is strongly vocal about women rights and equality and her company has participated in an organization called “Women for Women International”. This organization helps women in underdeveloped countries like Afghanistan, Rwanda and other African countries, Bosnia and more and tie them up with large and established companies like Kate Spade. These companies then use the talents of those women and form a mutually beneficial relationship. While these women can utilize their skills and create things for the company and earn a good livelihood, the companies benefit from employing the best local talents from these countries. The companies like Kate Spade actually have a good market for the products these women employees create using their skills and talents and earn well from selling these products.

Her husband is the director of the company’s men’s line of products. While Jack Spade, the name chosen for the men’s line is a fictitious name, the products often compliment the items available for the women. Her brother-in-law is the famous comedian David Spade and that’s why you might often spot her handbags in the David Spade show. The couple were blessed with a daughter in 2005 and she has been named Frances Beatrix Spade. She might inspire her parents to launch a children’s product line in near future.

Her handbags are available all over the world and you can easily find products locally. Many retailers sell her products and you can order Kate Spade in UK online as well.



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