Key Points for Choosing the Perfect Emerald Cut Diamond

A less known fact about an emerald cut diamond is that they represent only 3% of the world’s diamonds. This mere fact gives it the propriety of being unique, distinct and totally gorgeous. No wonder they are among the most asked for type of diamond cut for engagement rings. But, how to set apart emerald cut engagement rings from the others? Here are some important tips:

Watch out for the size

One peculiar fact about an emerald cut diamond is that it has 5% more surface area than any average 1 carat diamond. To the naked eye, this peculiarity will make the top surface look larger than other diamonds. The ratio to watch out for is a length to width of 1.33 -1.50. This ratio is optimum for emerald cut engagement rings

The esthetic part

Every woman’s dream is to have elongated and elegant fingers. Well ladies the good news is that the emerald cut diamond rings have just the right size to make your fingers look just the perfect kind of way which is excellent news for those who would like to make their chubby fingers look elegant.

The cost factor

You may have the impression that the emerald cut diamond will be expensive taking the fact that it is rare but the truth is that it is less expensive than the princess-cut or round diamonds. This is due to the fact that it is in less demand than the others.

The clarity factor

One caution which is advisable before selecting your emerald cut diamond is to have your jeweler perform a rigorous visual check. The reason being that in the emerald cut diamond, you can see imperfections more clearly. Since you are already saving money on getting the emerald cut diamond, it is advisable to invest in upgrading the clarity level.

The subtle sparkle element

The emerald cut diamond is step cut contrary to most diamonds which are brilliance cut. The step cut enables flashes of light which is an illusion of white light flashes also known as the effect of hall of mirrors. All sparkles are not lost though since a well cut emerald diamond still retains sparkles in its edges.

The GIA certificate factor

Make sure you get a GIA certified diamond since it contains all the specs your jeweler needs to inspect your diamond. Also important is the understanding of your jeweler concerning optimum diamond specs. Investing in a diamond can be a smart move both emotionally and financially but it is always wise to get a GIA certificate just to ascertain the worth of your investment.



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