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Individuals who are in quest of ideal solutions to boost the shine of their discolored broken teeth, nonaligned, chipped or fractured teeth; for them, veneers services is a ‘second to none choice. Sounds impressing! Like to know more what is Veneers?

Well, Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain which is employed by cosmetic dentists to re-establish the natural appearance, color and shine of natural teeth. These are custom-made by dental care professionals according to the need of patients. The fit well over each tooth and provide a natural and elegant look once again.

Due to their robustness, resilience and ease of wearing veneers are extremely popular in cosmetic dentistry. For stained, chipped, uneven, worn down tooth or for makeup of nonstandard space between teeth veneers are always the best option. The biggest advantage of porcelain veneers is they have a natural enamel of teeth and when put into any gap, they offers original look sealing the lack of your natural smile.

Porcelain and other Veneers

The most extensively employed substance for preparing veneers is porcelain. Though it is the conventional one but these are far better option than composite resin based or other veneers. When it comes to durability, finish or look, there is no alternative of porcelain veneers. Despite the fact, that the procedure is time consuming and also expensive, however, it can be a long-term solution. Those who are intended to go for veneer teeth should take necessary estimate from their Dentist in South Aucklandd about the cost since it varies between locations, and furthermore, porcelain also has different categories.

The Procedure

Depending on a patient’s sensitivity or tolerance capacity a dentist can consider if a local anesthesia is required or not during the procedure time. Once the patient decides on the appropriate shade with the help of dentist, the dentist remove a smallest amount of enamel of tooth and accordingly make a room for placing the veneers on its surface.

While an impression is taken for the tooth (send to lab for fabrication of permanent veneer), dentists also prefer placing temporary veneers on the tooth. Subsequent to receiving delivery from lab, the temporary one is removed and after thorough cleaning and rinsing of both tooth and veneer, it is capped on the tooth with some kind of resin. Two or three sitting are required for completion of the procedure.


Regular normal brushing as well as flossing is very much recommended while you should limit smoking, drinking beverages or red wine, cola etc. Similar to original one’s original teeth, the color of veneers are also not permanent and prone to get stained. However, with proper care and maintain oral hygiene, one can make them lasting for longer period.



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