Know more about Vinyl or Polyvinyl Chloride

If there is one material which has transformed the manufacturing of various products, most of the people would agree to plastic. Plastics are responsible for endless facets of modern life we enjoy today. From healthcare to nutrition, utility products to airplanes, safety to communication, plastics offer bountiful advantages to the entire world.

There are large numbers of products around us in which plastics play a vital role such as microwave, bags, gloves, cars, and sunglasses etc. Though we may not realize it, but in actual, it is a material which has made it possible for product manufacturers to deliver superior quality at lower costs. Another good point with plastic is that it can easily be recycled thus makes it a cost effective material.

Among different types of plastics, Vinyl (Polyvinyl Chloride) is the third most widely populated one, preceded by polyethylene and polypropylene. It is estimated that the global vinyl growth will hover between 3-4% per annum for 2014-18 period. Due to its highly versatile nature, Vinyl is found to be a feasible material for a wide range of applications across different industries and markets.

Rigid Vinyl

One popular type is rigid vinyl. This type of vinyl comes in clear, white, transparent, and opaque colors. It is moisture-resistant, high gloss, water and oil resistant, and possesses superior dimensional stability. It can accept a variety of finishing processes such as folding, die-cutting, embossing, laminating and gluing.

Shriram Axiall is a leading manufacturer of Rigid Vinyl. Below are some of the most widely used applications of this type of vinyl:

Building: Waste water pipes, grating covers, guttering, drain pipes, waste water fittings, roofing sheets, sanitary installations, window frames, and fascia boards.

Electrical engineering: Insulation pipes, acoustic panels, electricity distribution boxes, telephone housings, transparent distributor box housings, plug housings, sound carrier sheet, battery terminals.

Mechanical engineering: Pressure pipes, ventilation ducts, thermostat housings, fittings, pipe connections, claddings, ventilators.

Packaging: Disposable pots, spice and cream containers, ball point pen cases, oil and beverage bottles.

Being a leading rigid PVC compound manufacturer, Shriram Axiall employs the best-in-class manufacturing process to ensure world-class products at the most reasonable rates. In addition, these compounds meet the stringent regulations and requirements mentioned in various international standards.

The company has invested heavily in its technical laboratories and manufacturing facilities to ensure delivery of best-in-industry products and service that meet its customers’ every need. The company’s high output compounding and dryblending facilities ensure that material can be available at very short notice should the customers manufacturing facilities fail.



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