Learn how to self-publish a book?

There are a number of tricks, which can be used to maximize the impacts of self-publishing a book. It was proven in the past that a lot of the most successful tricks and tips have been derived from the deep understanding of human psychology and variations in the level of creativity.

You should be aware of about the age old tricks used by traditional publishing companies as that will help you to avoid silly mistakes and conquer over your fear that may spoil all chances of gaining from self-publishing a book.

Once you have decided to self-publish a book, you must try one of the most effective tools that is used by veteran publishers and that can be done by creating mass awareness through a publicity drive or any other media event. The purpose behind this is to create a buzz, which will generate enough  interest in readers. Once the buzz is created, people will sit up and wait for the book in anticipation of its release.

This approach is preferred even by celebrities, which has benefitted them as they try before any mega event or any big movie launch. Another trick used by mainline publishers is to re-presenting the book with new design and a new title. If the design and title of the book are not working, there is no harm in re-packaging it to address the mass-interest of the readers.

How to self publish a book’ is not a properly addressed issue now? Currently, there are thousands of sites guiding you how self-publish a book. Long back, getting published in India and in any part of the world was a great issue and the writers found it an uphill task to get published.

But now self-publishing business is really thriving and at this time if you are ready with your manuscript and you can get your write-up proofread and edited, you are just few steps away from self-publishing your first book.

From an outsiders point of view, self-publishing appears as a fully free-of-cost affair, but in reality you shouldn’t think so. Unlike the general perception, it is observed that a nominal is required to be spent on different stages to become an author.



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