Life is like a dance, you learn as you go…

‘Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body’ as said by famous dancer Martha Graham and it is absolutely true! Dance is an art through which people usually express themselves. For some, dancing is their hobby and for some it is their passion which they want to turn into their career.

Though dancing is an interesting career option but one has to keep in mind the omnipresence of fierce competition among the professional dancers resulting in limited dancer jobs. So we bring you few career options that can help a dancer to achieve success in their respective fields.

Know your move! That’s the first and foremost step towards the success of your career. You should know which dance form is your strength on the basis of which you can proceed your journey of becoming one of the best dancers or getting suitable dancer jobs.

Starting your dancing journey at an early stage definitely helps you. Start by becoming a member of a theatrical or musical group. This will help you in gaining the confidence, basic knowledge and experience. Theatres are very raw and real and the more you will participate in theatre or musical shows, the more you will be able to nurture your craft and getting dancer jobs.

Another great career option for dancers can be music videos. There are a lot of music videos being made these days and they require fresh and talented dancers to showcase their dancing skills. Also, by being a part of any music video, you might land up getting dancer jobs or becoming an assistant choreographer which is really good to kick-start your dancing journey.

As dancing is a competitive field, unfortunately only few dancers find steady work and this is the harsh fact of the dancing world which eventually forces many dancers to change their career option or to hold other jobs as well.

While taking up dancer jobs, choosing dance teacher as a career aspect can also be considered. This job can be done on a part-time and full-time basis. For teaching dance, you don’t need to have any formal education but if you have worked with some experienced dancer or have a training from some prominent dance school then it will be very helpful.

Choreography can also be an option when looking for dancer jobs. Choreographers play an important role in the movie making business as no film is complete without a song and if there is a song, there has to be dance also. So ideally, to be among the best choreographers of the industry, one has to be an all-rounder in terms of dancing and should be able to perform many types of dance.

There is no doubt that dancing is a rigorous art form and it requires a lot of hard work, patience and persistence to get best dancers job. And if you are here to stay longer, then you have to be physically fit by following a strict diet and of-course a regular exercise routine.

Finding dancer jobs might be a challenging task as everyone is not meant to opt this path but if you have contemplated dancing as your career then you should have a free soul to follow your dreams.

Just remember, life is like a dance, you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow, so don’t worry while thinking about losing your chance, instead dance like no one is watching!

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