Long Weekend Plans: Some Lesser Known Getaways from Mumbai

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In a city where every moment is huge, every person is entangled within the claws of the robust life, and where the day simply doesn’t end with a good night sleep, Mumbai is a buzzing city of India, that is not just famous for not sleeping, but also for a host of multihued aspects associated with it. Amidst all this hustle-bustle, there is a scope to retire to some peace and tranquility, right? So make note of some lesser known, stunning and ideal long weekend getaways from Mumbai that can amp up your exhausted spirit and rejuvenate you like never before!

If you have paid already for the Delhi to Mumbai train ticket price and are over excited to meet your family back home, then one added suggestion. Why not take your family out for a long weekend vacation? Family bonding time is much needed and can work wonders if rekindled at an interesting spot. Take hints from this list below.

  1. Tarkarli

On any normal weekend, flying out the distance to Tarkarli and back in pretty much two evenings will wind up being definitely not refreshing, but more of exhausting. It is suggested to visit this town in the Sindhudurg locale when you have no less than four days to save. Amid these long weekends, you could enlist yourself into a short testament course in scuba diving and appreciate other water sports as well, since Tarkarli is home to some amazing water adventures.

2. Vengurla

Vengurla is a destination implied for the beach babies, with five stunning beaches in its territory, namely– Shiroda, Nivati, Mochemad, Vayangani and Sagareshwar. Vengurla is one of the best destinations to head to in case you’re searching for a leisurely experience and wish to spend your days doing nothing but lazing around the beaches and basking in the sun.

3. Vijaydurg

Vijaydurg is a quaint village with not more than a few eateries and resorts, a beach and a staggering fort that you must climb up to get one of the most fabulous sunset view. The beach is immaculate and you can go for a boat ride at the river that encompasses a large portion of the area.

4. Kolhapur

Although, Kolhapur isn’t an ideal place for sightseeing or undertaking something eccentric or adventurous, but it is an ideal resort for those who dream day and night of piping hot food, with dollops of butter, spice and what not! Gear up for a searing gastronomic affair you’d come across in this lifetime, for the Kolhapuri food is brimming with flavors and aromas that will leave you flabbergasted for long!

5. Ganpatipule

Not only is Ganpatipule known for it’s intriguing temple of Lord Ganesha, which is known to be a self-manifested idol of the almighty, but is also celebrated for its white sand beach. Situated in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, Ganpatipule is one, offbeat beach town that will just urge you to kick back and watch your surroundings as the sun goes down!



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