Make sure your beauty products are Paraben Free

Sofia Parveen is known among her peers for being quite selective. Keeping her priorities in black and white, she never minces her words while preferring one brand over another. She never hesitates to say no to a sub-standard product even in worst circumstances.

The result is all to see now. All along her life, she has been using authentic beauty products. Original materials made of organic packs have kept her skin taut, shining and glowing even though she has entered in her late forties.

People known to her have only seen her using natural organic materials like almond oil, aloe-vera gels, neem face wash etc. No one has ever seen her walking down any beauty aisle in a mall or big retail stores where artificial stuffs made of chemical materials have been stacked on various shelves.

To make beauty products reach to more customers, companies now prefer to mention in bold- paraben and sulfate free. What is so harmful about this ingredient that companies dealing in beauty products try to appeal consumers by claiming to be paraben and sulfate free.

Parabens: What you need to know?

Parabens are basically chemical substances, which are frequently used in cosmetic products. They are also commonly mixed with personal hygiene products. Beauty products, body lotions, soaps, shampoos moisturisers, conditioners and deodorants all have been made using parabens. Since the substance is proven to be harmful for the skin and the entire body, several companies have started producing without this chemical and that is highlighted on their products as well.

Why Parabens are used?

The chemical substances known as parabens increase the shelf life of a product. They keep it safe from bacteria and any other fungus that may generate in a beauty and a hygiene product.  Manufacturers got tempted to use this chemical product because these are easily available and comparatively low in cost as well.

Parabens and life threatening diseases:

Several studies have shown that Parabens increase the level of estrogen in human body that in turn creates the chances of getting infected with cancerous disease. Breast and testicular cancer cases have been linked to the long term use of praben based products.

The substance create hormonal imbalance, which further disrupts the endocrine system of the human body. Though contrary expert views are also floating in the market but largely this chemical substance has created some sort of fear and so companies are desperately willing to do away with this chemical.

For all those who use beauty and hygiene products frequently, they can get the shelter of natural skincare products as they bring long lasting improvements to the skin. There are multiple options in skincare products that are made of natural raw materials and that bring impressive changes to the skin.

Just use them and say goodbye to your frequent skin damage. For a change, start using Neem Face Wash and see the results yourself. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties not only protect it from further damage, it also brings back the natural glow of the skin. Use it to find the skin refreshed and shining.

Neem leaves when mixed with basil can prove to be an amazing mixture for any skin. It helps in maintaining the health and glow of the skin. Lemon and walnut shells are also frequently used in skin care products as they give amazing effect to the skin.

What about lemongrass essential oil? Use its spray and feel instantly rejuvenated. Nothing can refresh instantly like this.  Have you ever tested a pack of dates, rose water and honey? This is known as a natural herbal formula that enriches the health of the skin.

Keeping moisture intact, softening the skin, healing skin to the core all these are possible only when skin care products are made of herbal ingredients.

Ubtan made of milk, besan and honey is also a home remedy famous for its natural effects. There are endless natural products like sweet almond oil, sandalwood, avocado, apricot, green tea, that are regularly used to create natural skin care products.

The paraben free natural products are in plenty and you just need to apply them regularly for the ultimate result.

The result these products give will be all to see. So apply them and live a healthy and happy life.



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