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Marriage is an eternal bonding which develops between two souls and makes this bond more distinctive and memorable, the process of engagement is accomplished in an auspicious manner with the exchange of engagement rings. And to redefine the love for each other, the best way to gift each other is the princess cut engagement rings as an epitome of your eternal love.

Engagement ring and its importance

For ages an engagement ring has been used as a symbol of love. Previously in ancient Egypt people have been found to wear a ring on the third finger. Even in old age, Romans used to have rings. But the trend came into existence when during Middle Ages at 1477 Archduke Maximillian of Austria gifted Mary of Burgundy a diamond studded gold ring with the letter M spelled out in tiny diamonds. With each age diamonds, engagement rings changed their styles with market demand. Princess cut diamond got famous since 1970 which was popularized by Betzalel Amber and Israel Itzkowitz.

And do you know why an engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger? This is because it is said that the vein of the fourth finger reaches the heart directly!

Style and specialty of a Princess cut engagement ring

A princess cut diamond ring is the second most popular ring as demanded. The princess cut diamond has square brilliant cut. The fancy shape with uncut corners, extreme dazzling shine which accentuates diamond’s fire. This princess cut diamond ring is mostly, square and rectangular in shape. But the comparatively square cut is mostly available. The length of a princess cut diamond is more distinctive than other cuts, but the carat weight is comparatively less than other cuts. It is also known as square modified brilliant cut; it has 76 facets which enhance the visual effect. This kind of diamond looks fabulous on long fingers. The corners reflect color tint and brilliance. The princess cut diamond ring is just amazing and is considered as a high class one. The symmetry and polish of the engagement ring make it more ravishing. Remember to choose a color within H or I range which will be exact for Princess cut diamond. For Princess-cut diamond the stone depth must be of seventy percent.

Make your engagement a special one. If you are planning to keep your partner surprised, then get a fabulous and stylish engagement ring which will make your married life a more memorable one. Now you can get a fabulous elegant princess cut diamond ring at reasonable prices.



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