Marriage Counselling

The most crucial pillar of the society and the basis for the system of family – marriage has been the most peculiar aspect for humans. Spouses do everything in their capacity to sustain their lifelong marital bond but there are certain mental repercussions which should be duly tackled. When the spouses are unable to make the marriage work in their capacity, marriage counselling should be the preferred option before consulting a divorce lawyer.

Marriage Counselling

Couples’ therapy or Marriage Counselling is a psychotherapeutic platform which allows the spouses to recognize the conflicts in their marriage and resolve them in order to improve their relationship. Such differences always pose a long-lasting consequence over the mental status of the couples and their children. Therefore, it is advisable to acknowledge the psychological benefits of such counselling.

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Psychological Benefits of Marriage Counselling

  • It reduces avoidance between them and enable them mentally to face each other and converse about their problems;
  • There is a drastic improvement inthe communication skills;
  • Helps in communicating needs without expressing anger or feeling of resentment;
  • Fear of hurting or abuse by the spouse is tapered down;
  • The whole perspective of seeing things gets augmented;
  • The spouses start inculcating the feeling of taking responsibility for their actions;
  • A road to self-discovery to undertake common activities and goals;
  • A person gets a deeper understanding about the needs and aims of his/her spouse and his/ her overall personality;
  • The counsellor tries to strengthen the relationship and build resilience to leave an everlasting positive outcome;
  • Pestering of the past gets downsized and is replaced with happy and desired memories;
  • Building-up of self-esteem;
  • The choked-up frustration gets released before the counsellor which sets off the steam and brings down the room temperature;
  • Rejuvenates the old lost emotional connection;
  • Children learn a lot from their parents – if parents are going for divorce, children will assume that it is the only solution to a problematic marriage but marriage counselling would have an everlasting positive impact;
  • Children would be emotionally stable as their parents would be busy working out their problems.

Important Things to Remember

  • Marriage Counselling costs are usually overstated but are not;
  • A psychologist would advise you pills but a marriage counsellor would provide you with suggestions, motivation, etc;
  • A counsellor always try to change dysfunctional behaviours, specially the psychological ones;
  • Seeking counselling in early stages of problems increases the chance of saving the marriage;
  • Degree of counsellor does not matter but his compatibility with the spouses;
  • Do not consider the various statistics of marriage and divorces around the world;
  • It should be carried out through mutual consent of the spouses;
  • Search for a good couples counsellor before taking up marriage counselling;
  • The counsellor is not responsible for curing the marriage;
  • Go for counselling with a positive attitude, even if you don’t want your marriage to work because you never know what good might happen.


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